Doba Review
by Sean Miller


Drop shipping is a common term in the retail industry. It’s a simple process that helps a lot of retailers save a lot of time and money; it entails having the wholesale supplier package and ship the goods directly from their warehouse to the clients without having it go through the retailer. For the retailer this has several benefits, first of all there is no need to invest in a warehouse to keep the merchandise, there is no additional expense for packaging and they can devote all of their time to marketing and promoting their business. The only problem is finding the right wholesale suppliers who will drop ship for them. This is where Doba enters the picture. Doba is a product sourcing company specifically for drop shippers.

What I like

One of the best selling points for Doba compared to other product sourcing tools is that Doba offers a seven day free trial. This means that you can actually get to test the product which you are going to purchase before you go about taking out any cash. Another plus point for Doba is the fact that it is very reasonably priced as compared to other leading product sourcing tools in the market, yet it manages to stay within the top; which means that they do not sacrifice quality or service for the price that they offer it.

What I don’t like

Doba does not have a listing that is as large as other product sourcing tools. According to them they list only about 115 drop shipping sources which gives you access to about 1,000,000 products all over the world. This may seem like a big number, but there are others who list far more than this. Also, this will mean that since they have a smaller database, the chances of others accessing the same merchandise as you is increased. But to be fair I have noticed that Doba is adding new supplier at an very fast rate so I don't doubt they will soon have a database to match their competitors.


Even with a supplier listing that is smaller as compared to others, I would still strongly recommend, especially for those who are just starting out since it is quite easy to use. The small number of listings may actually turn out to be an advantage since you don’t have to worry about dealing with so many all at the same time. Also, what matters most is that they are able to list reliable suppliers who can work with you as you go about making your business grow. Finally I’d recommend you try Doba because they offer a free trial, no other drop shipping source tool offers this… so you really have nothing to lose.

Doba Rating

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